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May the Lemon Be With You

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May the Lemon Be With You

We first became a Stollery family in 2015 when Christian got sick with Kawasaki Disease and needed a heart transplant due to the complications it caused.  We’ve been so fortunate to have Christian respond so well to medical intervention that the first 6 years after transplant were pretty easy.

Then June 2021 hit!  In the last 13 months, Christian has had 1 ER trip, 3 iron transfusions, 3 surgeries, 3 procedures, 5 admissions, 7 scans (CT & MRI), 12 sedations, 19 IV starts, 25 mornings of not being allowed to eat (NPO), 37 doctor appointments, 42 pokes for bloodwork, and 46 echos/ecgs/ultrasounds.

Christian was diagnosed with post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease (PTLD) last summer.  This disease involves the immune system and causes lymph nodes to expand and multiply out of control – essentially lymphoma.  It’s a complication of immunosuppression from anti-rejection meds, which help keeps the body from recognizing that his heart is gifted.  To help him fight the PTLD, Christian was taken off one of his anti-rejection meds, so that his immune system could get a little stronger to fight the PTLD.  And it’s working!  Christian’s last PET CT scan was in May and it shows that his lymph nodes are getting smaller and he’s getting stronger every day.

We are hosting a lemonade stand this year to give a little something back to the place that saved my son not once, but twice! We are so fortunate to have this wonderful place in our backyard and the world-class specialists that fill it.