Lemonade Stand Day
Sunday, August 28th

Registration for Lemonade Stand Day is now closed. Still want to participate? Make a plan to visit a stands…we are always in need of Lemon Lovers to visit stands.

Join us to spread some #lemonlove throughout YEG on Sunday, August 28th and visit a stand for
Lemonade Stand Day. By supporting a lemony event in your community you are contributing to the excellence of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation in support of the Stollery simulation program.

(The official Lemonade Trail map for the event will be posted August 20th)

Together our Goal this year is

To date we have raised: $16,024.86

What We Stand For

The Simply Supper’s Lemonade Stand Day is a fun program that gives kids the opportunity to run a business, learn about entrepreneurship, philanthropy, marketing and customer service at a young age. Over the last eight years, $1.2 million has been raised and over 5,000 kids have participated in the annual event!

Simply Supper and the sponsors of Lemonade Stand Day provide all lemonade ingredients, cups, signage, t-shirts and training for kids to run their stands.

This year, we hope to scatter 350+ lemonade events all over the city to contribute to the excellence at the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation in support of the Stollery simulation program.

The Stollery Children’s Hospital is full of world-class experts. But even the best of the best need to practice their skills to be ready to handle whatever a Stollery kid may be facing.

That’s where the Stollery simulation program comes in. This program allows the Stollery’s medical experts to keep their skills sharp in a safe environment using life-like mannequins. But these aren’t your ordinary mannequins! They can talk, cry, breathe and go through medical situations that help prepare Stollery staff for real-life experiences.

To some, practice makes perfect. At the Stollery, perfect practice makes perfect. Your participation is helping to make sure Stollery staff are ready for anything, to help give kids the best chance to live a long and healthy life.

This event is planned and managed by Simply Supper and a volunteer committee with the proceeds of this event being donated to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Find a Stand

Look up the personal donation page of a stand by searching stand #, stand name, or participants last name.

Can’t find the stand – pop us an email and we can help!

If searching stand #, please be sure to search a 3 digit # -ex: 001

The Squeeze

Signs are created, tables are decorated and our little, but strong, entrepreneurs put on a fierce sales and marketing campaign to raise funds for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Meet some of our Junior Lemon Squeezers and read their story.

Where We Come From

With the creation of this program, our goal was to scatter lemonade stands all over the city in support of the Simply Supper’s commitment to local charities and our youth and create a program that allowed kids in our community to give back in a fun way. For the past eight years we have done just that and, $1.2 million has been raised for local charities.

We are so proud of the close to 5,000 Junior Lemon Squeezers who have hosted stands with us over the past years:

2014 Our 30 stands raised over $4,000.

2015 Our 75 stands raised over $22,000 .

2016 Our 135 stands raised over $50,000.

2017 Our 250 stands raised over $140,000.

2018 Our 450 stands raised over $227,000.

2019 Our 560 stands raised over $257,000.

2020 Our 250 stands raised over $168,000.

2021 Our 350 stands raised over $333,000.

Get In Touch

This fundraiser lets our kids help kids. Still have questions? Pop us an email at lemonade@simplysupper.ca

Have other questions or want to see how else you can help?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to host a traditional lemonade stand?

We encourage you to host a stand that makes you feel the safest. You can host a drive-thru stand, a virtual stand, an invite only stand or maybe you want to do deliveries and you can bring your friends and family “Lemon Drops” thru contactless delivery.

Does our stand have to be on the Lemonade Stand Day map?

No, when registering you can select to not be on the map.

Do we have to host our stand in YEG?

No, you can host your stand at your campsite, holiday location or grandma & grandpa’s house. As long as you have permission, you can set up anywhere! To date, Comox, BC was our furthest location.