Lemonade Stand Day

Thank you Junior Lemon Squeezers and Lemon Lovers for a “sweet” Lemonade Stand Day. This year our Grand Total raised is


What We Stand For

The Simply Supper Lemonade Stand Day is a fun program that gives kids the opportunity to run a business, learn about entrepreneurship, philanthropy, marketing and customer service at a young age. Over the last six years, $700,000 has been raised and over 3,000 kids have participated in the annual event!

Simply Supper and the sponsors of Lemonade Stand Day provide all lemonade ingredients, cups, signage, t-shirts and training for kids to run their stands.

In return, the Junior Lemon Squeezers will give back all proceeds to help fund Art therapy at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. For patients of any age, spending time in a hospital can be overwhelming, and at times very scary. That’s why we’re raising money for an art therapist at the Stollery, who will help to provide therapeutic and creative programming for patients. Art therapy and other initiatives from the child life team can help to speed up the healing process and improve patient outcomes, giving kids the best chance at a long and healthy life.

Find a Stand

Look up the personal donation page of a stand by searching stand #, stand name, or participants last name.

Can’t find the stand – pop us an email and we can help!

The Squeeze

Signs are created, tables are decorated and our little, but strong, entrepreneurs put on a fierce sales and marketing campaign to raise funds for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Meet some of our Junior Lemon Squeezers and read their story.

Where We Come From

With the creation of this program, our goal was to scatter lemonade stands all over the city in support of the Simply Supper’s commitment to local charities and our youth.

We are proud of our Junior Lemon Squeezers:

Our 30 stands raised over $4,000.

Our 75 stands raised over $22,000 .

Our 135 stands raised over $50,000.

Our 250 stands raised over $140,000.

Our 450 stands raised over $215,000.

Our 560 stands raised over $250,000.

Our 250 stands raised over $165,000.

Get In Touch

This fundraiser lets our kids help kids. Still have questions? Pop us an email at [email protected]

Get In Touch

Have other questions or want to see how else you can help?

Frequently Asked Questions

In light of Covid-19, will Lemonade Stand Day be happening?

Yes! We have worked hard to provide you the tools you need to be safe this year and we encourage you to host a lemonade stand that works for your family.

Do I have to host a traditional lemonade stand?

We encourage you to host a stand that make you feel the safest. You can host a drive-thru stand, a virtual stand, an invite only stand or maybe you want to do deliveries and you can bring your friends and family “Lemon Drops” thru contactless delivery.

What is a virtual stand?

This would be a stand via the internet only. You would have no physical visitors to your stand and would not be selling lemonade in person. You can be as creative as you like with this…maybe sell artwork that you will mail, offering to do 7 days of lemony challenges or offering lemon themed cooking demos.

Does our stand have to be on the Lemonade Stand Day map?

No, when registering you can select to not be on the map.

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