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In light of Covid-19, will Lemonade Stand Day be happening?

Yes! We have worked hard to provide you the tools you need to be safe this year and we encourage you to host a lemonade stand that works for your family.

Do I have to host a traditional lemonade stand?

We encourage you to host a stand that make you feel the safest. You can host a drive-thru stand, a virtual stand, an invite only stand or maybe you want to do deliveries and you can bring your friends and family “Lemon Drops” thru contactless delivery.

What is a virtual stand?

This would be a stand via the internet only. You would have no physical visitors to your stand and would not be selling lemonade in person. You can be as creative as you like with this…maybe sell artwork that you will mail, offering to do 7 days of lemony challenges or offering lemon themed cooking demos.

Does our stand have to be on the Lemonade Stand Day map?

No, when registering you can select to not be on the map.

If I sign up for a virtual stand and change my mind, can I change my mind to do a drive thru stand or vice versa?

Yes, you can make any change to your stand until 3 days prior to Lemonade Stand Day.

How many people can we serve at one time?

Closer to lemonade stand day we will be sending out a review of the current health guidelines. We strongly recommend those current and up to date guidelines are followed and only invite the number of people you feel comfortable having at your stand. We will also be providing you tools to encourage proper physical distancing.

How old do our children need to be to participate?

Any age is welcome to participate, even adults!

Can our friends join our stand?

Of course! We will provide one kit per stand and will provide a shirt for every Junior Lemon Squeezer participating. 

Are we able to host a stand on public property (park, store…etc)?

We strongly encourage you to host your stand on your property. If you would like to host a stand in a public park you would have to call 311 to inquiry about permits and insurance needed. To host in front of a store, we recommend you ask the manager of the store and inquiry about insurance or permits needed.

What is included in the Lemonade Stand Day Kit?

Each year our kits are put together by our planning committee and include some of the key items for hosting a stand like Lemonade, materials to make a poster, DIY projects, idea sheets and some other fun things for our Junior Lemon Squeezers to enjoy!

What if someone does not want to come to our stand because of Covid-19 related concerns?

That is ok, if they still want to donate they can donate to your personal donation page.

When can we pick up our kits?

Kits will be ready for pick up the week prior to Lemonade Stand Day

How much does a kit cost?

There is no cost for the kit. Simply Supper provides a kit that is filled with all the essentials needed to run a stand – all you need to do is pick a location, stand name, time and fun!

What hours do we need to run our stand?

You pick the hours…you can run your stand for 1 hour or all day. Be sure to pick a time that is best for your Junior Lemon Squeezers…we want them to enjoy the day.

I would like to be sponsor of the event?

See our sponsorship package or email Monita at lemonade@simplysupper.ca

What if we are not here on August 29th and we would still like to host a stand on a different day?

Our kits are not ready until the week prior to Lemonade Stand Day. If you would like to host a stand with your own supplies and still donate your proceeds towards our fundraiser, please still register and indicate that on your registration form.

Where does the money from Lemonade Stand Day get donated to?

All the money raised gets donated to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. This year we are hoping to raise funds to help renovate an important space at the Stollery — the Family Room!

Can we sell baked goods at our stand or other items?

Yes, however this year due to Covid-19 we suggest selling pre-package items such as chips, granola bars or bottled water.

Can we sell alcohol?

No. Selling of alcohol is NOT permitted.

How can people donate? Can we accept cash?

This year in the interest of safety, we are encouraging a cashless system. We have a stand specific  online donations option. You can still accept cash; however, we suggest safe handling measures.

Will you be providing tax receipts?

Yes, for a donation of $25 or more a tax receipt option is available from the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and will be sent out within 3 months of the event.

Do we have to have a hand washing station? Do we have to wear a mask while handing out lemonade?

Both are strongly recommended, but not mandatory.

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