Stand ID: 259

Wingardium Lemonosa Stand

Stand Type: Public Lemonade Stand

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Lemon Captains

  • Melissa Bender
  • Nicholas Bender

Junior Lemon Squeezers

  • Abigail Bender
  • Miles Bender

We're located at:

6501 49 Avenue

Leduc County

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Wingardium Lemonosa Stand

Welcome to another year of us hosting a stand to support the Stollery! It is our 5th year hosting one (August 28th 11-2)and we are excited to be raising money for the simulation program. These mannequins aren’t your average mannequins, they are super life like and act just like a kid. They cry, move, breathe, even talk, and most importantly they go through medical situations that help prepare the Stollery staff and parents for real life experiences.

Please join us for lemonade, goodies and more!
Thank you for supporting us, every dollar counts!!!!!!