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What M.A.K.E.z Life Sweeter?!

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What M.A.K.E.z Life Sweeter?!

Hello Edmonton!

We are back for another year of hustlin’ to raise Funds for our favourite Children’s Hospital, The Stollery!!!!

In previous years, we have shared our family story on the many years we spent back and forth to the Stollery for Kala. This year, it isn’t a secret that we have been back and forth many times for Baby Z.

Our family has received nothing but love & support from Team Stollery; and we are so grateful for the programs and services they have for families & kids.

We spend many hours at meetings with the Stollery, emails, appointments and planned surgeries, X-Rays & assessments for our kids. As a parent, there is nothing more comforting than having the support of Team Stollery.  It is our pleasure to squeeze some Lemons 🍋 and raise as much money as we can for this incredible hospital!

Our family sends a massive thank you, in advance, for any donations sent to our online Lemonade Stand! 🙏😍❤️ All funds donated go directly to the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

{There are many lessons throughout life & we know what M.A.K.E.z Our Life Sweeter, but we ask you to ask yourself the same question..}


What M.A.K.E.z your life Sweeter?
🍋 💜 🍋💜🍋💜🍋

(Milanja, Arian, Kala, Erin & z)