Stand ID: 046

Loonies for Lemonade

Stand Type: Public Lemonade Stand

Meet the team

Lemon Captains

  • Tracy
  • Bernadine

Junior Lemon Squeezers

  • Katherine
  • Logan
  • Ben
  • Alia
  • Darrian
  • Marlee
  • Alyssa
  • Liam
  • Hunter
  • Isabelle

We're located at:

135 Londonderry Square Northwest


Stand Hours:

11 am-3pm

Our Stand Goal is:


So far we have raised...


Loonies for Lemonade

Katherine was born with a archnoid cyst which caused Hydrocephalus. A brain condition that has no cure and the only treatment is brain surgery. Katherine under went 7 life saving brain surgeries at the Stollery from just before she was 5 months old, till she was 10 months old.  Today she is happy and healthy and thriving thenks to the Stollery Hospital.  Her and her friends host a stand yearly to give back to the hospital that saved her life.

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