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the BEST lemonade ever!

Meet the team

Lemon Captains

  • Julie
  • Jennifer

Junior Lemon Squeezers

  • Amaziah
  • Jordyn

Our Stand Goal is:


So far we have raised...


the BEST lemonade ever!

These two squeezies will be giving you the best lemonade EVER…

Why is it the best?

  • It is being served with a great smile and little genuine hearts, whom will have pure joy selling you it.
  •  It is raising money for the art therapy program at the Stollery Children’s Hospital.  (Not many other cups of lemonade can say they do that.)
  •  It is by the ‘apple store’ (aka Education Station)….one of their fav. stores.
  •  In the midst of a socially distant/covid world, we can still do things like this (with safety precautions)…and be a community.
  •  Most of all it is the best….BECAUSE that is what these kids have said about it!

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