Stand ID: 376

Lava Lemons

Stand Type: Public Lemonade Stand

Meet the team

Lemon Captains

  • Travis
  • Katie

Junior Lemon Squeezers

  • Charlie
  • Aaron
  • Elliott
  • Isabella
  • Jamison

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Stand Hours:

10:30 - 3

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Lava Lemons

Back for a second year and looking forward to a second amazing experience with Lemonade Stand Day. Last year we crushed our $150 goal by raising just over $1000! A team a siblings and friends, Lava Lemons will have cold lemonade and tasty homemade treats available at their stand.

Come to the Parkallen Community League on August 28, 2022 between 10:30 and 3:00 to support the Lava Lemons and Lemonade Stand Day