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Jake and Lil’s ICE COLD Lemonade

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Jake and Lil’s ICE COLD Lemonade

Hello Everyone and Welcome to our Lemonade Page!!

We would LOVE to invite you to our home on August 28th so that you can indulge in all things Lemon’y’.  The kids have been going bonkers planning out our stand and the day!  We have started baking delicious goodies and decorating all the signs to attract the most generous and supportive patrons;).

We will be turning our driveway into a lounge with plenty of seating – incase you decide to relax and visit – we’d love that.  No time for that? – a quick pop in would be just as welcomed!!

Lil has decided that she will be the ‘banker’ and Jake will be the ‘giver outer’ of the goodies.  Looks like it’s best to plan ahead and have a strategy;) They have both agreed that they should absolutely partake in the drinking of the lemonade and eat all the goodies!!!

Please come and buy all the baking so I’m not ‘stuck’ eating the leftovers;);).  We are so very excited to see everyone and hope to provide you with the best possible service two 6 year olds can offer. They can’t wait to pour you a glass of ICE COLD Lemonade!!